Our Story

The Christmas Shoppe was created twelve years ago as a ‘unique’ way to raise funds to help a local school PTA. Since then the community has driven the success of the project.  What started off with three trees and a two day sale window has now grown to almost 40 individually themed trees, visited by more than 2,500 people each year, in a week long celebration of 'all things Christmas'.

In 2014 we decided to move the (King George) Christmas Shoppe a little closer to our customers. After much discussion it was decided that whilst everyone loved visiting the Christmas Shoppe it was, perhaps, a little bit 'out of the way'. We really loved the King George Hall in Bay View and after seven years we had seen so many people enjoy the old world charm of the old hall that I (Mel) was especially reluctant to leave. But they say change is the only constant and I am happy to say that the new location has worked really well.  We are very grateful to the Taradale Rotary Club for allowing us to use the beautiful art deco Town Hall.

In 2011 we made the decision to work with a regional, child focused charity and we have been supporting Hawkes Bay Child Cancer since helping to raise over $50,000 for this incredible cause.  As part of this fundraising initiative you will see company logos positioned next to trees around the hall.  These trees have been kindly sponsored by local businesses with all funds being donated directly to Hawkes Bay Child Cancer.  Whilst at the Shoppe we hope you will take the opportunity to support this very worthy cause.

A big thank you to all the familiar faces we see coming back each year.  It has been wonderful watching children grow up over the last twelve years and knowing that visiting the Christmas Shoppe is part of their family Christmas tradition.  We truly appreciate the support from our festive friends and we look forward to seeing everyone again in December.