Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas in stunning festive environment.

The Christmas Shoppe is unique.  It is a 'pop up shop' that is open for one week only and everything we do is all for the festive season.  We start with a blank community hall and transform it into a Christmas treasure trove full of gifts, decorations, supplies for Christmas and over 30 individually themed and dressed trees. 

New products are sourced every year, different colours introduced and a variety of themes created each year, so there is always something interesting for everyone.  We spend months sourcing thousands of quality, unique and tasteful decorations for your home.  No matter what your style we will have something that catches your eye, I promise!

And the best part about the Christmas Shoppe is that we get to raise money for charity...at the door we ask guests to donate a gold coin, purchase a raffle ticket or perhaps buy a santa bear.  All of these gestures raise funds for the Child Cancer FoundationIn the last three years we have raised on $37,000. 

So if you are in Hawkes Bay or are planning on visiting the region, make sure you are there in the first week of December and join us for what really is an amazing Christmas experience.  Take the hassle out of the festive season – visit the Christmas Shoppe and stock up on all the essentials. This truly is the home of all things Christmas!   

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